The tide going in and out, memories, and the stories of
Ramón Alonso and his
completely blameless family.


The Stories

The stories here are completely true, regardless of fact.

The Sweater

Back in 1960 or so, about a year after Anne and I were married, I received a notice, delivered to my workplace at MIT’s Instrumentation Laboratory, that there was a package for me at Customs. Intrigued, I went to Customs (then at the Boston dock area), where, after signing I got a package addressed toContinue reading “The Sweater”


Boom (Or what early teen age boys do for entertainment) Brother Bill and I shared a bedroom. While the other brothers were Ramón, Juan Manuel and Fernando, Bill was Bill, so named because my mother wanted an English name. Bill was two years, three months, eighteen days and three hours younger than I, but who’sContinue reading “Boom”

Verb & Noun

Perfectly Normal Family